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The Importance of Septic Tank Maintenance

Regular Septic Tank Maintenance keeps things flowing

If you live in a rural area of Canada or the United States, chances are that your house has a septic tank. Septic tank maintenance is vital just the same as maintenance on your car or the rest of your home is vital.

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a giant underground tank where all your household wastewater goes.  At one end of the tank is an overflow area, whereby exit pipes full of holes extend out into the drain field, which has been well prepared with layers of rocks, sand and soil.  As tank fills with solids (which break down naturally) and liquid, it overflows into the pipes.  The liquid flows into the field and slowly percolates down through the ground to become clean groundwater again.

How Septic Tanks Work

In an ideal world, the septic tank works as an ecosystem, full of the same types of helpful bacteria and enzymes that live in our own digestive systems to break down the waste.  The solids become liquid and flow out into the field as the tank fills, maintaining a delicate balance.

Septic Tank Maintenance you May Need

However, our lives are full of many chemicals: chemicals to clean, chemicals to keep us healthy in our medicines, and chemicals in our foods to preserve them.  These chemicals destroy the natural bacteria and enzymes that are normally found keeping our septic tanks working.  To combat this ongoing problem, a homeowner can use products such as Telamode’s RC4 Drainfield Digester, added monthly into the septic system.  RC4 contains the same bacteria and enzymes needed to continue the natural breakdown process in the tank and to replace what is destroyed by the chemicals. It also contains nutrients that strengthen the helpful bacteria, to ensure a large population for maximum efficiency.

Don’t let your septic tank catch you with your pants down… maintain it by re-adding the bacteria and enzymes you need to keep things moving.  Try RC4 Drainfield Digester today and keep your septic tank happy.

8 thoughts on “The Importance of Septic Tank Maintenance

  1. Thanks for the tip about putting the right chemicals in your septic tank. I want to get my septic tank looked at this year. I’ll have to talk with a septic company soon.

  2. I recently bought a new house, so I was thinking of getting a septic system installed soon before we settle in permanently. Thanks for explaining to us how a septic tank has an ecosystem of helpful bacteria and enzymes that break down the waste you flush and turn them into liquid that flows out into the field. I’ll be sure to remember this while I look for a septic system service to hire for the installation.

  3. I’m glad you elaborated on septic tanks and how they turn your wastewater into clean ones. My sister’s interested in installing a septic tank in her house, but she wants to know more about how they work are what keeps them in good shape, so I’ll make sure my sister reads your article right away. Thank you for the information on maintaining a septic tank to keep it working flawlessly.

  4. Thank you for the informative write-up about septic tanks! I’m moving to a new house next month and considering installing a septic tank, but first I wanted to learn more about how septic tanks work, so here I am. It’s interesting that you noted that tanks are stocked with good bacteria that assist digest waste, resulting in wastewater that flows to the drain field. This is new to me, and I’ll probably engage an installation service provider soon.

  5. I like that you mentioned how septic tank maintenance is important just the same as maintenance on your car or the rest of your house. I was cleaning our toilet earlier and I just realized that we haven’t serviced our septic tank for quite a while now, so I think it is in need of a long overdue maintenance. With that in mind, we should call for septic tank maintenance services soon.

  6. Thanks for your great post. I like this very much, please write more about these, wait for your update.

  7. My friend recently told me that she’s been dealing with a clogged toilet, and is unsure what’s wrong with its system. I found it interesting when you compared a septic tank to an ecosystem where it works with drains and pipes and functions altogether. I should recommend looking into septic tank maintenance to my friend as that sounds like exactly what she needs.

  8. It does make sense to invest in septic tank maintenance since this keeps your plumbing intact and free of unsightly odors. My friend mentioned that the house he wants to move into comes with a septic tank. I should suggest that he find an expert that can maintain it for him someday.

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