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Monthly Septic Tank Maintenance Product

Here’s a septic tank maintenance product to help control the necessary balance to keep your tank functioning well.

In our last article, we discussed how a septic system works by maintaining a delicate balance of bacteria and enzymes that break down the wastewater going into it. It is its own ecosystem.  As we know, if we add toxic materials to any ecosystem, the balance will be destroyed, and the ecosystem will die.  Our daily lives are full of these same toxic materials: soaps, cleaners, cooking fats and oils, detergents and a myriad of other things that find their way down our drains and toilets.

A Septic Tank Maintenance Product Miracle!

RC4 Drainfield Digester is a septic tank maintenance product is a solution to the toxic onslaught your septic system faces daily. RC4 replenishes the bacterial population and adds nutrients to the system that encourage these good bacteria to repopulate, making sure that you have plenty of digesting power available to break down the organic materials. All you need to do is add it monthly to your septic system and your worries are flushed away.

How to use RC4

To use RC4, simply mix a ½ of a bag (per family of 4) in lukewarm water. Do this last at thing at night so that your system is not being used.  Stir it up the mixture until it is dissolving in the water.  Pour the liquid into your toilet and flush.  Do not use the system again until morning as possible. If you have multiple toilets you can vary monthly to which you add the RC4 mixture. Mark a calendar to help you remember your next dosage.

Your car needs gas and oil to make it run and your body needs food to make it go.  Just like everything else, your septic system needs maintenance to make sure that it continues to run smoothly, while you move smoothly. A clogged drain can release gases into your home that can cause health problems into your home. Keep your family healthy, avoid smelly situations and unpleasant backups; just use RC4 Drainfield Digester.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing septic system product! I’m hoping to get a new septic system installed on my property next summer. I want to make sure I get one that will work for a long time.

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