Septa-Flush – RV Holding Tank Cleaner




Septa-Flush is a dry product that is comprised of bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to digest organic wastes and to eliminate odours. Septa-Flush is recommended by many campgrounds and in some cases is demanded as the product of choice. When using this product you will be able to dump your tanks at any dumping station without difficulty.

Recommended For:

  • Black and grey water RV and marine holding tanks
  • Portable toilets
  • Campground, Camps & Resorts

Product Benefit and Features: 

  • Efficient deodorizer and digester
  • The best all-temp, formaldehyde-free formula odour control
  • Liquefies waste and tissue fast to prevent messy clogs
  • Detergent additive keeps tanks clean
  • Cleans level sensors
  • A biological, non-toxic additive; No formaldehyde or other poisons.
  • Will not damage metal, plastic or any other non organic material, making it safe for your RV or boat.
  • Dump your tanks at any dumping station without difficulty.
  • 100% active; most effective and economical certified product available.

To Order:

This product comes in a one pound jar (pre-measured scoop included) or convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured water soluble one ounce pouches. Please phone us at 1-289-242-1561 for campground/commercial pricing.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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