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Septa-Flush - RV Holding Tank Cleaner, Deodorizer, and Digester

*The best all-temp, formaldehyde-free formula odor control
*Liquefies waste and tissue fast to prevent messy clogs
*Detergent additive keeps tanks clean

Campground, Camps & Resorts ~ RV & Boats ~ Commercial

Our Holding Tank Cleaner - Ssepta-flush_1epta-Flush - is a biological, non-toxic additive for RV and marine holding tanks. Septa-Flush is comprised of bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to digest organic wastes and to eliminate odours. As it is a non-toxic Holding Tank Cleaner, it will not damage metal, plastic or any other non organic material, making it safe for your RV or boat.

Septa-Flush is recommended by many campgrounds and in some cases is demanded as the product of choice. When using this product you will be able to dump your tanks at any dumping station without difficulty.


  • Eliminates odours
  • Cleans level sensors
  • For black and grey water tanks
  • Acceptable at all dump stations
  • Pre-measured scoop included
  • No formaldehyde or other poisons
  • Available in a one pound jar and convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured water soluble one ounce pouches

This is a 100% active product, giving you the most effective and economical certified product available.

To Order:

Each container/jar is $14.99.

1 bag (6 x 1oz pouches/bag) $9.00/bag

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