RC-4 - Septic Tank and Drainfield Digester

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RC-4 is made of natural and biodegradable ingredients. It is bacteria and enzymes that rapidly digest septic sludge and organic waste. The cleaning power of RC-4 is recommended for the following; a clogged drain field, households with water conditioners, and high traffic areas such as restaurants, camping sites, and septic systems with heavy usage. RC-4 is safe and easy to use for humans, animals, and the environment. It will not corrode your pipes. Just pour the suggested amount into the toilet last thing at night and flush. Do this once a month.

Monthly use (if your tank has a capacity of 1,000 gallons or less):

  • Up to 3 people - 1/3 a jar per month*
  • Up to 6 people - 1/2 a jar per month*
  • 10 to 20 people - 1 jar per month*
  • Half a jar every two weeks


We recommend for a family of 2-10 people to add a jar of RC-4 at the begining of winter and again at the begining of spring for yearly maintenance and to avoid any problems with freezing or flooding.

REGULAR USAGE maintains the efficiency of your septic tank and drainfield without constant pumping of your tank. However it is recommended to have the tank pumped every 4-5 years. After this is done, be sure to immediately add a bag or jar of RC-4 to help the tank to restart its natural bacteria action.
Usage Instructions

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