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Tela-Clean 1 Gal (Retail)Tela-Clean 5 Gal

Tela-Clean 1 Liter (Retail)

Tela-Clean 1 Liter (Retail)

Price: $7.00

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Tired of having to scrub away at baked-on mildew and grime? You need Tela-Clean! This multi-purpose cleaner contains an enzyme producing bacteria that eats away at soap scum, grime, organic build-up, lime, mildew, light rust and hard water deposits, Tela-Clean also degrades uric acid that causes urinal odors. Simply apply, leave 10-15 mins and wipe off! Leave the chemical based cleaners behind and try something that is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Tela-Clean is a bit different than conventional spray and walk away then come back and mop the surface you are cleaning.  It builds a wall if you will, so that the more you use it the more the grime, dirt, soap will mop off the surface when cleaned and rinsed.
Tela-Clean digests mold etc. organic only on the surface and inhibits, digests cell grow or spread of germs.  You do not need any special gear to use it, gloves, etc...Tela-Clean is biological, eco-logo certified  and will not cause any breathing problems, etc.  In other words you can sleep with it as chemical does not linger when used.

The parks down south love the Tela-Clean for black streaks and build-up on their vinyl fencing etc.
If tela-Clean drips onto the ground it will not kill grass, flowers or harm animals that are in contact with the cleaner.

Quantity: 1 liter

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