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Tela-Blast Mini (4 ounce)

Tela-Blast Mini (4 ounce)

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Our Holding Tank Cleaner - tela-blast_resized_outsideTela-BLAST is a bacterial formulation that consists of a synergistic blend of three strains of bacteria chosen for their ability to control odors and to facilitate waste digestion.

Tela-BLAST can be used in portable toilets, RVs and marine holding tanks. This formulation is designed specifically for odour control and to offer a safe and natural replacement for formaldehyde and other poisons. Tela-BLAST contains bio-degradable perfumes for an instant fresh scent when used.

Tela-BLAST can also be used for deodorizing and cleaning toilet bowls, sinks, shower stalls and garbage bins. Just dilute 4 parts water to 1 part Tela-BLAST and clean.

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